Egg hatching in C. elegans

Parasitic worm infections are usually treated with drugs that paralyze the worms or inhibit worm reproduction. Using WMicrotracker, it is possible to look for novel small molecules, genes or natural compounds which inhibit egg hatching. Below we present an example of application.

Linearity of detection of egg hatching
In this experiment we can observe the kinetics and linearity of C.elegans egg hatching detection. As larvae are born, they start moving and are thus detected by the system.

Methodology: (1)Grow populations of worms in NGM plates. (2)Synchronize worms using hypochlorite method. (3)Count #eggs in 5ul, and adjust volume to get the right egg concentration [5-20eggs/10ul]. (4)Transfer 100ul of egg solution to 96well microplates using multichannel pipette. (optional:)It is possible to add chemical compounds at this point to check for toxic properties. (5)Register the plate with WMicrotracker.

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