Thermal Stress in C.elegans

Thermotolerance evolution of poikilothermic organisms consists in adaptation to temperature conditions of habitats of such physiological features as the lower and upper limits of temperature for reproduction, development and behavior and resistance of organisms to short-term temperature extremes.
Using WMicrotracker, it is possible to easy measure thermotolerance in small organisms and measure the effect of novel small molecules, genes or natural compounds. Below we present an example of application.

Protective effect of plant extract
In this experiment we can observe the kinetics of thermal stress, and a protective effect of the aqueous extract of an Argentinian plant.

Methodology: (1)Grow synchronized populations of worms in NGM plates. (2)Remove worms from plates using buffer. (3)Count #worms in 10ul, and adjust volume to get [5worms/10ul]. (4)Transfer 90ul of worm solution to 96well microplates using multichannel pipette. (5)Incubate with potential protective molecules. (optional:)Let worms to rest for 1h and measure basal activity using WMicrotracker. (6/7)Place the WMicrotracker inside the incubator, put the microplate, and Subject to heatshock.

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