Future Releases

We are working hard to improve the quality and value of our products and services. Below we show you which our next releases are.
Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Improved software version

During last years, some users have requested support about the best way to analyze and plot the data obtained with WMicrotracker system. By now, we are finishing a new software version [v3.0] with the following updates:
- Graphical improvements
- Experimental-database management tool
- Data preparation: relativization of data to Control/Basal
- Ready-to-print high quality plots

Full protocols addition

Because we would like users start operating our system easily, we are preparing full protocol application-examples. These documents will include:
- Step by step experimental design.
- List of reagents to use.
- List of things to keep in mind [TIPS].
- A real experiment with access to raw data online.

New device: WMicrotracker Arena(v2)

WMicrotracker ONE system has been release few years ago with no major changes in hardware. Although the equipment works smothly for the detection of a range of organisms, we found some limitations when there is a need to measure animals with slow or amoeboid movement. By the second semester of 2016 we are planning to release WMicrotracker Arena (v2). This equipment will have:
- Capture of a huge array of IR sensors.
- Compatible with 96w, 48w, 24w, 6w, and agar plates.
- Temperature control.

last update 2016.1