Natural Pesticides

We offer the possibility to run project for testing of natural compounds libraries. Our capabilities includes:

- Assistance in experimental design

- Preparation of plant extracts and compound libraries

- Testing of biological effect in a nematode model (C.elegans)

- Validation of candidates in plant infective nematodes at laboratory level

- Patenting feasibility study

*All procedures are carried according to implemented following internal SOP (Standardized operative procedures)

We rely on the following infrastructure

Incubation of our company at CITES (Center of Innovation of Grupo Sancor Seguros)
 - Building of 700m2 with multidisciplinary working space (biotechnology, engineering and software).
 - Shared laboratory facilities.
 - Assistance by a group of high qualified professionals (engineers, programmers, IP, management).
 - Corporate support of the biggest insurance company of Argentina.

Biotech area:
 - 35m2 of exclusive working space at CITES
 - 85m2 of working space at our own building
      - Molecular Biology.
      - Microscopy (clear field and fluorescence).
      - Cell and bacterial culture.
      - Nematode growing and transgenesis (C.elegans).
      - Plant parasitic nematodes.
      - Small green house.
      - Zebrafish aquarium (in collaboration).

Robotization and HTS capability:
 - Robotic Arm + plate stacker.
 - Multichannel pipetting robot.
 - Multiparametric plate reader (Absorbance, Fluorescence, Luminicense).
 - WMicrotracker readers.

Technological development:
 - 3D printers.
 - Laser cutter.
 - CNC milling machine.
 - Plastic thermoforming machine.
 - Microelectronics engineering and development.