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 Reach the Next Level in AUTOMATION

Full automate HEALTHSPAN + LIFESPAN assay

LONG TERM KINETIC Has Never been easier

If you are looking for decreasing handwork associated to plate reaodut we have a solution for you. Our plate-stacker integration allows to read up to x12 microplates in cycling workarounds.
According to technology integration, ONE or SMART, the system is capable of measuring Liquid Culture Experiments (96well microplates format) or NGM (6x35mm Petri array).

Sample each plate once an hour for unlimited cycles.

Helpful gadgets

We offer our knowledge and technical capabilities to design “small tools” to make your Scientific research more confortable, and complement WMicrotracker experiments:

3D printing of scientific tools, laser cutting, plastic and metal mechanics, electronics, and scientific software design services.

  • Alternative Plate adapters for new animal models
  • Customized culture chambers
  • New Software functionalities and algorithms
  • Petri dish array manipulation stacks
  • Led lighting stimulation beds
  • Development of New Technology on demand


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