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Technology main applications

C. elegans is a viable option for automated high-throughput drug screens, aging, stress, pathogen, and behavioral assays

Plant Parasitic Nematodes and RKN are important agricultural pests. The identification of new nematicides is important for their control.

Zebrafish larvae can be easily tracked and is a good model of ecotoxicity.


Brine shrimp and small crustaceans are suited to testing industrial wastes, drugs, and food additives.

Parasite motility is the current gold standard for measuring anthelminthic drug effectiveness

Ticks cause substantial production losses. Also, they are vectors of diseases. Wmicrotracker facilitates the study of antiparasitics.


We offer our knowledge and technical capabilities to design “small tools” to make your Scientific research more confortable, and complement WMicrotracker experiments.


We will be glad to have a call and provide our best solution for you.

  • Alternative Plate adapters for new animal models
  • Customized culture chambers
  • New Software functionalities and algorithms
  • Petri dish array manipulation stacks
  • Led lighting stimulation beds
  • Development of New Technology on demand

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