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Version 3.0API beta
Data Acquisition Software: Beta version 3.0 with graphical improvements(8/2016). API communication. Includes full installation and update file for previous versions.
wmicrotracker_w8_v30api.zip [2237.35 kb] – Download


Updated files version v2.5
WMicrotracker acquisition software (08/2013). Update Version v2.5[ocx]. (requires previous version installed)
update_version_v25.zip [842.99 kb] – Download


Package for Windows Eight
Data Acquisition Software: Alternative installation for Windows 8.
wmicrotracker_w8_v25api.zip [1976.33 kb] – Download


Package for Windows Seven
Data Acquisition Software: Alternative installation for Windows 7.
wmicrotracker_win7_v25.zip [2027.72 kb] – Download


Package for Windows XP
Data Acquisition Software: Full package for Windows XP.
wmicrotracker_winxp_v25.zip [2298.88 kb] – Download


[USB Communication Drivers]


Driver files USB Direct connection & USB-RS232 WMicrotracker adapter box
USB Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. New Cable Adapter version: Microchip CDC. “Not for Manhattan cable”
usb_driver_wmicrotracker.zip [336.49 kb] – Download


Driver files USB-RS232 Manhattan Cable
USB Driver for Windows XP/Vista/Seven Adapter version: Manhattan PL2303
usb_driver_manhattan.zip [5844.39 kb] – Download


User Manual v2.5
user_manual_v2_5.pdf [773.12 kb] – Download


Software Guide
Software_Guide.pdf [780.46 kb] – Download


Installation Guide
Installation_Guide.pdf [410.14 kb] – Download


System Check-ups
System_Check-ups.pdf [435.15 kb] – Download


[Experimental Protocols]


Some examples
wmicrotracker_applications.pdf [1164.83 kb] – Download


Short Protocols
short_protocols.pdf [455.74 kb] – Download