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WMicrotracker ONE Software V3.3 API
Data Acquisition Software: version 3.3 with graphical improvements (4/2021).  Includes full installation, update and USB Drivers.
Windows 7 and 10. API communication.
User Manual v2.5
Setup and Troubleshooting guide
A short guide to install the equipment, how to use the software and things to check if something goes wrong.
Protocol Compendium
Some experimental protocol examples to use with your WMicrotracker ONE
WMicrotracker ARENA Software V1.7 API
Data Acquisition Software: version 1.7 with graphical improvements (7/2020)
Windows 7 and 10 compatible. Full Installation + update + USB Drivers.
User Manual
User manual and Installation guide
Equipment linearity range information
Validation of activity detection with different number of worms per well
Protocol Compendium:
A list of in-house tested protocols with detailed information

Software update (Beta release) 2021-07-06

Latest version of software with some bugs fixing, still in testing stage


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