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Our WMicroTracker systems allow automatic readings of the behavior of tiny organisms. They are applicable to experimentation with fish larvae , worms and organisms of similar size.

Our systems bring disruptive innovation in the measurement of compound toxicity, resistance to stress, search for new anthelmintics, metabolic, life-time and human disease models.

WMicrotracker ARENA

The ARENA Wmicrotracker is optimized for measurements of small animals grown in agar and / or a liquid medium.

It is compatible with microplates 6,12,24,48,96 and 384 wells.

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WMicrotracker ONE

Wmicrotracker ONE is optimized for measurements of animals grown in a liquid medium by using a 96- or 384-well plate format.

It has been validated for use in C.elegans larvae, zebrafish larvae and small insect larvae.

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Do you want to be connected to your laboratory at all times, no matter where you are?

With our new application IOT APP you can! Get to know what happens in your laboratory in real time and instantly manage the experiments performed with WMicrotracker from the cloud and on all devices (computer, tablet, mobile).