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WMicrotracker ONE is optimized for measurements of animals cultured in a liquid medium by using a 96- or 384-well plate format. Compatible with most small animal species [from 100um to 3mm size]. Useful for Drug screening, Mutant / RNAi screening, Oxidative Stress, Neurodegeneration, Developmental toxicology, Ecotoxicity experiments and more.


Based on an innovative system of 384 IR microbeams, the system detects the small interferences generated by the organisms present in the sample. In this way, a pattern of activity is recorded and processed using software specifically designed for real-time data acquisition. The digital analysis of signal changes (proportional to light intensity) allows us to detect the movement of the organism as it passes through the beam of light. An algorithmic software calculates the number of activity events per unit time.

With WMicrotracker-ONE, you can obtain fast and accurate measurements of the movement of small animals on multiwell plates

Obtaining results is very straightforward. The data is robust, reproducible, and free from user bias. A long kinetic recording can be performed entirely automatically.


Experiments based on measurements of behaviour and viability. Mainly designed for liquid culture medium and multiwell plates of 96 and 384 wells. Flexible animal models: 0.1-10 mm. which have swimming movements.


For any early stage or experienced laboratory. With affordable price for small laboratories. Focused on a varied field of experimentation. Intended for the academic and research sector, university teaching and for companies.


The system detects the movement of organisms through the interference caused by them in an array of micro beams of infrared light. (Patented Technology # US12515723, EP208640881).



MD & PhD Thesis using WMicrotracker

Evaluation of WMicrotracker for assessing C. elegans stress responses. Hengyi Zhu. 2016. University of Oslo. Master thesis.

Natural Variation in Lifespan and Stress Responses in Caenorhabditis elegans. Jana J Stastna. Canterbury Christ Church University. 2016

Étude de la toxicité causée par le gène C9orf72 dans la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique. Par Martine Therrien. univeridad de Montreal 2016

Validación del sistema WMicrotracker en la evaluación de la capacidad antihelmítica de fármacos utilizando el organismo modelo Caenorhabditis elegans. Ladós Saldain, Enrique Néstor. Univ. de la República. Facultad de Veterinaria. Uruguay. Master Thesis. 2015


If you want to test the WMicrotracker One, start your experiments and create your own drugs; write us an email to info@phylumtech.com