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Zebrafish (Danio rerio) offers an extraordinary potential for in vivo small-molecule DRUG SCREENING. The size of the fish can fit within multi-well plates to potentially facilitate high experimental throughput. Zebrafish provides an appealing model organism for investigating human disease pathology.

The automatic TRACKING of Zebrafish larvae allows an efficient way of finding subtle behavioral changes that could go unnoticed during manual observations. Tracking of swimming behavior is easy to implement using our WMicrotracker system.

Technology compatibility:


Zebrafish is increasingly employed for evaluating toxicity and drug discovery assays. Commonly experimental approaches for biotoxicity assessment are based on limited techniques of visual inspection and video recording. Our automated technology to track locomotor activity in microtiter plates allows large-scale assays to investigate environmental toxins and its effects on human and animal health.

Epilepsy model

Zebrafish have been a model system for studying developmental processes. However, in the last decade, this organism has been recognized as an extremely valuable model system with proven utility in the analysis of brain development and function. Zebrafish are highly amenable to genetic manipulation, which has facilitated the generation of disease models such as epilepsy.

Drug Discovery

Phenotypic screening has been one of the most effective approaches to drug discovery. Zebrafish exhibit a wide range of disease-associated phenotypes, including disorders of physiology, metabolism and behaviour, while retaining the ability to be used for high-throughput applications. Rapid advances in genome editing and high-throughput phenotyping point to promising new applications for zebrafish in drug discovery over the coming years, including the discovery of compounds that suppress disease phenotypes associated with specific human mutations.


The evaluation of large numbers of diets in aquaculture species is costly and requires time-consuming trials in some species. The use of Zebrafish for improving production process of aquaculture has emerged as an important research field. This small animal represents an ideal model to carry out preliminary evaluation of diets for nutrition and growth studies.