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During February and March 2021, two first-year students of biotechnology career have carried out a professional internship in Phylumtech’s laboratory. Delfina and Ana Luz have participated in a project to optimize the protocol for motility detection of Artemia salina in our WMicrotracker ONE and ARENA equipment. Using our technology, the students were able to record the activity of different numbers of animals on a microplate and monitor the toxic effect of different metal cations on the swimming behavior of the nauplii. Artemia salina is an easy-to-grow and inexpensive model since it does not require specific equipment. This makes it an ideal biological model to implement from academic teaching to research projects in the field of ecotoxicity.

Swimming motility kinetics of 30 nauplii of Artemia Salina in the presence of different concentrations of CuSO4 registered with WMicrotracker ARENA.