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In Brando they say that we are Innovators. And we love it. We could not be happier as that really is what we work for day by day. Innovation is in our DNA and moves us every minute of our life. We love to investigate, analyze, create and determine new discoveries within the biotechnology environment.  It is our eagerness to grow and keep walking forward that the Brando publication should have seen when choosing us for an interesting interview in which they highlight impressive innovators of 2017.

Fortunately, the World is full of great creators who bet strongly on their ideas. Although sometimes that supposes a real challenge, the reality is that it is worthwhile to get down to work for what you believe in. That is precisely our case; and also that of other great dreamers who have already seen how their idea became true and who continue working to make it grow every day. For instance, a now well-known artist, Malbec-flavored whiskey, healthy treats (what we all like), educational games (so necessary for our children), remedies for painless scars, more protected firemen, medical consultations with video calls, an emotion decoder, a unique method for training and construction with recycled rubber are the 10 greatest discoveries and projects that you will be able to know through this interesting interview.  Besides, our project “Science in the Cloud” is also listed along the most important professionals in the field.

For us, to appear in such an important collection is really a great achievement we are very proud of and happy. During the interview we were able to express who we are, what our company does, how we do it and above all, why and what for. What moves us, what motivates us, what we do every day in order to get ahead and position the world of biotechnology within everyone’s reach. Our mission: that any scientist be able to test their experiment without it entailing an outlay of impressive and above all, unattainable money and thus to prevent important discoveries from remaining in a drawer due to lack of resources. With our accessible business model in the cloud, any researcher, whether they are a student, a graduate or a teacher, can get to know if they are on the right track.

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