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A ‘Joint Report’ is an MS Excel file containing integrated information from multiple acquisitions. This type of report is particularly useful for conducting kinetics studies and streamlines the plotting and analysis of sequential experiments.

To generate a comprehensive report for a project, access the list of recorded experiments and compile the data from all acquisitions

  1. Select all together the subprojects you want to join and press right-click, click-on Joint Report. 

You will be asked if you want to remove outliers from the analysis. Activity from one scan is considered as an outlier when the activity obtained from one scan gives plus/minus 3.5 means of 2 scans before and 2 scans after the scan acquisition. Removing outliers is recommended when you expect to get constant activity during each day’s acquisition. 

Then, the window “Generate Joint Report” will appear.  

After choosing the reports options, press “Generate Joint Report”. This will automatically open a new window with your data displayed; data can be analyzed or further saved from this new window, as needed.