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embo c elegans

From the 13th to the 17th June the Barcelona EMBO took place. It is a special occasion in which gatherings and workshops related to science are held to bring together scientists from around the world to present and discuss their latest findings.

The workshop of this edition had the participation of 20 speakers of great prestige in the international scientific field. The five-day program was entitled “The Development of Cenorhabditis elegans, cell biology and gene expression” … An entry that showed only a very small part of everything we would discover and work on at the event.

About the Workshop

The Cenorhabditis elegans is an organism that has been used to study the genetics of development and the nervous system. Scientific and technological advances continue to be produced at an accelerated pace, which is why on this occasion, EMBO invited C. elegans Development, Cell Bioloy and Gene Expression, in association with the European C. elegans Meeting, to participate in the latest cutting-edge research.  The purpose of these meetings was to foster interactions between young C. elegans researchers and world leaders. This great workshop covered a wide range of topics, such as embryonic and larval development, epigenetics, morphogenesis, neurobiology, and aging, among others.

The stay in Barcelona for almost a week with this great group of professionals was a very enriching experience. The team of Phylumtech wants to thank the invitation to participate in EMBO with our stand and to present our lab services in the cloud and the products of Microtracker One and Microtracker Arena.

We thank the organizers Sander Van Den Heuvel (Ultrech University, NL), Sophie Jarriault (IGBMC, FR), Alex Hajnal (University of Zurich) and co-organizers for making this meeting possible.