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Lateral sclerosis (ALS)1–3, a fatal neurodegenerative disease causing loss of motor neurons. Mutations in FUS, a binding protein RNA/DNA, FUS has been shown to participate in many cellular functions including translation, splicing, and RNA transport, is one of the causes of ALS.

Elegans fust-1 is the ortholog of human FUS. C. elegans deletion mutant strainin fust- 1 is used as ALS models.

Deletion of fust-1 causes motility impairment and loss of neuronal integrity. The phenomenon is accelerated in liquid media.

Worms were grown on solid media up to day 1 of adulthood. At day 1, 30 worms per well were placed in S basal with OP-50 E. coli (optical density 0.5) in a flat-bottom 96-well plate. At least 3 wells were done per condition. Standard error is shown on the graph.

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