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Congress of Societies

During these months we have not stopped working and that is so because to continue moving forward with firm step and getting new achievements is undoubtedly the spirit of Phylumtech and our entire team. We know the importance of attending relevant events in the sector not only to advertise our services and products, but also to share with other great professionals how everything evolves, where we need to move forward and how we can, of course, realize important synergies and work sets that magnify the biomedical sciences and biotechnology.

For this reason, from 13 to 17 November 2017, we were present with our brand Phylumtech, in the Joint Meeting of Bioscience Societies that took place in the Palais Rouge of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

A meeting that counted with the participation of more than 4,000 researchers who shared the most advanced discoveries in our sector. We spent five entire days of great learning in which to glimpse new paths to travel. Ten joint scientific societies of Argentina made an incredible effort so that this appointment took place and developed with a great success not only of assistance but also of knowledge. All this gathered in a single space to “expand scientific horizons in the field of Life Sciences”. A meeting in which scientists of the first rank, health professionals, young researchers, students, professors and teachers found their place.

Joint Meeting of Bioscience Societies was possible due to a diverse agenda with a wide range of possibilities so that everything had its time and place and everyone had access to it. For instance, there were stands of information of different brands and companies like ours, Phylumtech, where you could know first-hand our services and products; Plenary Conferences with interesting scientific programs; Conferences and Symposia that covered all aspects of interest in the field of science and biotechnology in all its disciplines; Presentations, oral communications, commercial exhibitions, activities and much more.

Undoubtedly, the celebration of the Joint Congress of Societies was a great success and a great opportunity for us to continue our development.