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The error observed in experimental replicates results from a combination of factors, including deviations in biological behavior, batch quality, operator errors, intrinsic measurement methodology inaccuracies, and environmental influences affecting the measurement process. Ensuring a robust methodology necessitates that the deviation in measurements between technical replicates remains acceptable, enabling the discernment of experimental outcomes. To illustrate the reproducibility of ARENA, we provide an example below.

6W Microplate With NGM

Microplate preparation:

NGM was prepared following standard procedure. 3.5ml of NGM was dispensed to 6 well microplate (GBO brand with lid). No food has been added.


20 C.elegans, young adult N2 strain, were transferred to each well of a microplate 6well by hand picking. Locomotor activity of worms was recorded using WMicrotracker ARENA system for 30 minutes, at 25ºC.  Acquired data was analyzed and plotted using MSExcel.


The system presents a intra reproducibility within a range of  +-20% (average vs minimal and maximal measure). Standard deviation is about 10%, a number acceptable for biological reproducible measurements.