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Wormbase, Wormbook, WormAtlas, Cloudlab and so on… There in the clouds, the computer servers keep them alive every day as a digital legacy for everyone in the world… Our world.

Have fun teaching about C.elegans animal model!

If you have followed our bedtime story book, maybe you noted some correlations between SnowWhite and C.elegans history (did you?). Below we provide a Snow White Worm  edition containing scientific comments, for high-school and University lessons.

Snow White Worm [for teaching]

Snow White Worm Colouring book

Don’t forget a gift for your children! They also like worm breeding…

Download Colouring Book

Our Next story is…

Nematodes are the most numerically abundant animals on the planet, and our friend Willy Worm decides to travel around the globe to meet them. Based on the Jules Gabriel Verne famous book “Le tur du Monde”, we recreated a fantastic world travel full of adventures.

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We hope to meet you at 2022 C. elegans “Topics” Meeting “Metabolism, Aging, Pathogenesis, and Stress” (MAPS 2022).