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WMicrotracker ARENA technology allows for obtaining detailed information on the behavior of small animal populations over time and space. The “Equipment + Software” system is optimized to quantify the locomotor activity of small organisms in 6- and 24-well microplates, as well as in 35 mm plates. It is equipped with a Peltier system that allows for controlling the working temperature range between 20 to 37ºC (±1ºC). Its design is intended for conducting experiments that require controlled conditions.


The system is based on the detection of the movement of worms through the infrared light scattering effect. This system has a detection area composed of more than 20,000 infrared microbeams, each of 100 μm in width. This array of beams illuminates the microplate from the bottom, while a 6-camera video optical system (1M-pixel each) captures the light beams that pass through the sample. The software processes the analog signal, and the detection algorithm acquires the signal from each microbeam and processes it mathematically to detect the light scattering caused by the animals’ movement. When the system detects movement, the activity counter is incremented. The total calculated activity will be the integration of activity events in a time frame defined by the user.

With WMicrotracker-ARENA, you can obtain population-level measurements of the movement of small animals cultured in liquid or NGM

The system has been validated for measuring multiple disease models and conducting microbiota experiments.

Obtaining results is very straightforward. The data is robust, reproducible, and free from user bias. It possesses immunity to bacterial interference up to OD600 = 1.0. Its expanded range of detection allows for the quantification of the movement of L1 worms (100um in size) to larger parasites (>3mm in size).


Experiments based on motion and viability measurements. Optimized for detecting animals. 0.5-10 mm cultured in 6well, 24 well and 35mm Petri Dishes format. Compatible with solid culture media including agar, plus liquid.


For any early stage or experienced laboratory. With affordable price for small laboratories. Focused on a varied field of experimentation. Intended for the academic and research sector, university teaching and companies.


The system detects the movement of organism populations through the interference caused by them in a large array of infrared light microbeams. (Patented Technology # US12515723, EP208640881).




  • Simple and highly reproducible readings. Detection of infrared microbeam diffraction, without morphometry.
  • Non-invasive technology: It uses very low power infrared radiation, without affecting the animals’ behaviour.
  • High resolution sensors: allows detection of separated organisms 0.5 mm, with more than 20,000 independent and simultaneous channels of reading.
  • Fast data processing: It calculates the movement in real time, with 5minutes time block resolution.
  • Silent with maintenance-free: no mechanical moving parts. Self-regulating temperature:
  • Programmable temperature control of 20-37º C.

If you want to test the WMicrotracker-Arena, write us an email to info@phylumtech.com