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What are the computer requirements for using the WMicrotracker SMART?

To use the WMicrotracker SMART, you will need an IBM PC compatible computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Pentium Core i3 processor or above
  • 2 GB of RAM memory
  • 1 available USB port to power the WiFi access point
  • MS Windows 7 (or higher) operating system
  • At least 1 GB of free hard drive space.

How far away should the device be from the usb WiFi adapter?

We recommend placing the WMicrotracker SMART device within 2 meters of the USB Wi-Fi adapter. The adapter can be plugged into any available USB port. You can run the WMicrotracker SMART software from any computer near the device by connecting to the Wi-Fi network “phylumtech.com.” 

What brands of plates can I use with the WMicrotracker SMART?

The WMicrotracker SMART was designed to fit 35mm plates from Greiner Bio-One (GBO). Plates from other brands may not fit in the proper plate adapters.

How long can I keep and measure my worms in the WMicrotracker SMART?

Currently, the software allows you to measure only at intervals of 5 minutes. For experiments spanning a longer time period, multiple measurements of 5 minutes can be taken at different times.

Can I control/change the temperature of my samples with the WMicrotracker SMART?

The temperature in the WMicrotracker SMART cannot be preset and will depend on the room temperature. However, it is very compact and can easily fit in your incubator if necessary. Keep in mind that the equipment is not designed for use at temperatures exceeding 50 degrees.

How do I know which plate adapter to use for my experiments?

If you’re detecting worms cultured on NGM, use the petri dish with the lid downwards on the appropriate plate adapter (“lid down”). For small aquatic animals and insects larger than 1mm, use the petri dish with the lid upwards on the appropriate plate adapter (“lid up”). 

If you’re working with organisms smaller than 1mm, use the adapter with the grid (IR Microbeam Light Scattering MODE).

Is it important to manually adjust the lens focus of the WMicrotracker SMART? Is it necessary to change the focus between plates?

It is essential to adjust the lens focus for your worm layer during the initial setup. If you use the same volume of media on different plates, it will not be necessary to change the focus between plates of the same experimental set.

I can’t set the focus for the whole area of the plate, what should I pay attention to?

When preparing NGM plates, avoid moving them, as they can create a natural curvature (meniscus), making it difficult to focus the whole area of the plate.

Could I re-entrain after the acquisition?

Yes, you can re-entrain the software after the acquisition. LINK

Where should I place the red line of the circle?

The red circle line serves as a relative caliper for distance, telling the software how much that diameter is in reality. For instance, if the red circle line is on the edge of the 35mm baseplate, you need to input into the software that the actual measurement is 35mm.

 Photograph of a plate with the adapter lid down – Location of the red line.

I see some spots in the detection area, how can I clean them?

Particles and dust can enter the detection area. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the tray compartment.  

Can I change the measured intervals to be reported?

The WMicrotracker SMART is constantly detecting and recording movement. When you export your data to an excel sheet, you can change the “Bin Size” drop down menu to the desired time interval. The exported data sheet will then show you the average activity count at the intervals you specified.

Why do I observe in the report a list of particles (particle trials ID) higher than the number of organisms I put?

When the software stops detecting an organism’s silhouette for 10 seconds, that particle’s path ends, and the software will assign a new particle ID to that worm when it detects it again. 

The IP of the system changes sometimes to and sometimes to How can I force it always to same number?

The IP change occurs when the USBWIFI dongle disconnects because the IP assignment table is cleared under those circumstances. Sometimes the dongle assigns the first IP to the PC, and sometimes to the SMARTx8 device. We have not experienced changes in the IP as soon as the dongle is powered. However, if you would like to ensure that the system always assigns the same IP, you can force the PC to get a fixed IP address for that network.
To do this, open the WiFi list, go to “phylumtech.com” Properties -> Edit IP, change IPv4 to manual, and assign the following IP to your PC:
IP:, Prefix length: 1 (or mask = according to your Windows version), Gateway:, DNS server:
Using this configuration, you can check using the command prompt (CMD) and the ‘ipconfig’ instruction if your PC is now getting when connected to the network. In this sense, the SMART device will always connect as