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Why do we care about healthspan? Short answer: “The goal of aging research is to extend a disproportionately long period of decrepitude at the end of life healthy, active life”.

Healthspan Measurement Protocol Using ARENA

Decayment of locomotor activity is a robust readout for detecting early onset of aging. It allows the easy discovery of new genes and the search for compounds to reverse aging. We present the full protocol to measure activity of worms in 24well plates using OP50 liquid medium.

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RNAi vs muscle-restricted RNAi effects

Schmeisser et al (Cell 2019) describes the effects of Lipid Hydrolysis in C.elegans Lifespan extension. RNAi effects on 4d, 8d and 12days old worms are compared using WMicrotracker ONE.

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Long term readout applications in parasitic models

Using long-term assays in wMicrotracker system, the anthelmintic profile for a panel of recently developed HDAC inhibitors against the model cestode Mesocestoides vogae was evaluated.

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Good news for space-traveling! We have been working for 30 years on a hibernation pathway… the daf mutation…