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Our preferred animal model has become a great tool to discover the molecular mechanism behind new anthelmintic compounds. We invite you to discover how


WMicroTracker can be used to measure the locomotor activity and viability of worms of diverse species and sizes cultured in liquid media and in multi-well plates.

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Compound Screening Identifies Promising Anthelmintic Hits

Using WMicroTracker One, Lie et al. established a practical, automated and low-cost whole-organism motility assay against Cooperia onchophora, and screened 2745 molecules.

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“New Anti-Parasitic Drugs For A Global Veterinary Market” Awarded ARC Grant.

The project aims to establish an advanced, industry-linked pipeline for the development of new drugs against resilient infectious agents (parasites) that cause serious diseases in billions of animals worldwide.

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As our Drug Discovery campaign moves forward, we found it easier “to kill a worm” than “to cure a worm”. We start realizing the potential of C.elegans research in the field of anthelmintic drug discovery: Safer human and veterinary compounds, greener agricultural molecules, and so on.
Current state of the art technologies match perfectly to study similar species.

Released June 10th 2021. Next Episode June 18th